Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inaugural Post

Since you are probably questioning the relevance of our blogspot title (which there is very little of), White Satin Gloves sort of stands for our mutual desire to do things with class and extravagance. (Anyone who knows us can vouch for this fact.) Because aristocracy is always denoted by white satin gloves, we are merely classifying our social status publicly, so that others don't have to.

Which leads to our decision to sell all of our things in exchange for a little boat, currently named "Range" (which is intended to be renamed--"White Satin Gloves" or "Pharaoh's Gold" or "Mendicant Mercenary"--as soon as we can afford to have the hull gold-overlaid).

This 33 foot CSY cutter (pirate-killing fortress) will facilitate our desire to live minimally, spontaneously, autonomously, and grandiosely. We are nostalgic for the simple, subsistence style of living. Hence we aspire towards developing ourselves in the fields of celestial
navigation, deep-sea fishing, bartering/trading, and maintaining an intimacy with the unknown.

Step 1 will entail flying to Ft. Lauderdale to receive the proper certifications through the Blue Water Sailing school. After 8 days of intensive sailing with an instructor, we go to Tampa where "Range" waits for us, under contract. Range is in good condition but is nonetheless used, and will require some "sweat equity" before its ready for our big trip: replace rigging, replace cushions, re-varnish all wood,paint deck, repair sails, replace engine parts, swab poop deck, etc. We have our work cut out for us.

Ultimately, we are planning on sailing from Florida to Venezuela.

We will begin by crossing from Florida to Guncay (in the Bahamas), on to Turks and Caicos, down to the Dominican Republic, then on to Puerto Rico. We will sojourn in the Virgin Isles, then head south to Venezuela. This is the initial, tentative itinerary. We are not "locked into" any set plans.

As The Terminator once said, "I'll catch up to you later."


  1. Maybe 'Frugal Hedonists' would have been more apropos?

    Love you guys and will miss you like crazy.

  2. "Pirate-killing-fortress" because it kills pirates or because it is a fortress of pirates who kill? Or both because you kill pirates with your fortress??

    (This is Ashley, by the way. I have my first post about the trip up if you're curious... Miss you both!)