Friday, January 30, 2009

Motel Lobby Brawl, Incompetent French, Toothless etc.

Pt. 1 Sailing school

We walked at least 8 blocks with 250 pounds of luggage properly separated into 8 different bags. Stumbling into a transportation issue, we took 3 different busses to get from our "Waves Apartment" (by apartment they mean 'we tried') to Blue Water Sailing School in Ft. Lauderdale. I happily injured my hip flexor which was accompanied by dehydration and extreme weight loss programs - I lost a few lb's. Anyways, we get to BWSS and meet our fellow students who are composed of one esoteric Indian surgeon, and one French high brow.

They sounds smart, but they were no better than Mormon housemaids. I don't think they ever got out, much less, existed. We had to teach each of them 3 times how to light a lighter for the propane stove. Fill in 482 blanks from here and you will understand their qualifications.

(You can't tell, but this is Alaina actually standing upright, that's how far the boat was 'heeled' or tipped over!)

Our first day sailing turned us into salty seamen. Our Dufour (french sailboat) was met with 30 knots (45 mph) of wind; the boat buried the side rail many times throughout the day due to excessive heeling or tipping over. But Alaina won the contest by not getting seasick and falling in love with sailing. Actually, the only 2 people other than our captain to survive unaffected was Alaina and I. Pretty exciting stuff.

Here is a picture of our first night at anchor just a few miles away from Miami

The next day we had hours of teaching the imbeciles what a sailboat was and how it floated on water. I've never seen such impaired people, glad to see one of the world's best plastic surgeons unable to pull on a rope or understand how a sail goes up a mast. Alaina and I had to fill in for the rest of the day.

The following days were spent again in high winds with record low temperatures. Sailing school was a good choice and gave us a lot of confidence or false confidence. Either way, we enjoyed our time in the frigid winds (well below 30 degrees) and got to meet a few liveaboard sailors and best of all, we inherited an uncle.

(this is Alaina steering the boat on the gulf stream stream--we had swells up to 8 feet)

But more on that later after I finish my pedicure


  1. Those pictures are wonderful. I bet that Indian can gut a fish like no one's business.

    Also, I found out yesterday I got into BCTR for maths.

    Safe sailing,

  2. I will be living vicariously through you guys for the next year. I hope you don't mind. It won't hurt a bit.

  3. WOW NOW!! This is exciting. I am holding on to the edge of my seat.

    Please don't fall over board or something.

    MCA Cafe is just not the same. No Patrick behind the counter. No Alaine reading at the table. No Andrew in the corner.