Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The consequences of being boat owners

Our first day out on the boat involved one anxiety attack, one fake-real fight, another anxiety attack, and one minor injury. Apparently sailing isn't the hardest thing about boats, it's docking. As we slid into the docking-slip at entirely too acute of an angle I last ditch resorted to cutting the engine while Patrick used his body to stop the boat (this somehow resulted in a severe cut followed by blood all over the deck). 
I've been a little hesitant to try again since that episode. But Patrick is far too determined. Today was our second trial and it consisted of just as many mishaps, however the docking thing has been brought slightly under control. Because the sails and lines often demand more...muscular stamina, I have been permanently designated as helmsmen. This means that the girl who doesn't drive and has never had a car has to park a 30 foot vessel amidst, wind, current, waves...things you do not need to consider when parking a car! Inertia? Momentum? Trajectory? I studied philosophy of science, not science. I have to get out a freaking Physics text book every time I want to make the boat go straight. One minute we are 'into the wind' the next we are 'downwind' and before I can say "capsize" we are creating a miniature whirlpool from our own spinning. This is usually the point when anxiety attacks begin. 
Luckily in my case giving up and sun-bathing instead is not an option (Patrick always makes me continue when I don't want to, and lies to give me false encouragement when I think I am doing poorly).  The goal is to be comfortable enough with what we are doing to begin the trek down to the Keys by the end of February...so, yikes. 

More generally, I appreciate comments I get from those of you checking in and I always try to respond, but because we are usually pirating our internet connection the signal never lasts longer than 30 seconds so I am going to start posting mass responses. Also, I am 
posting some pictures from the going away party (internet connection willing) I'm s
ure some of you would like them. Jen, I am posting one of you and Misa too, its adorable. So if they don't show up with this post right away, keep checking I am waiting for the WiFi gods to give me an uploading window.  


  1. Ma chère, Alaina!

    Mon dieu, what an ordeal! I am glad to hear that a few anxiety attacks, one fake-real fight and a bloody injury later, you are still able to write with such joie de vivre!


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  3. Heyyy!
    I miss you two..I want to say sooo much!! But I can sum it all up with, I Love You and wish you the safest of journeys!!!! Talk to you soon!