Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Were Meant To Explore

Returning to Swift Ranger feels uncannily like a family reunion. We are nervous, we only vaguely remember the in's and out's, and desperately want to impress each other but end up bickering self-consciously.

Immediately upon arrival Patrick and I revert to this bizarre routine. Somehow I am doing something I am totally unqualified to do, like chopping wood and splicing rope, while Patrick re-wires the boat without any of the proper tools. Small explosions of blown fuses mixed with the sounds of our intermittent arguing as we trip over each other, distract each other, and give incorrect advice remind us that we have partially forgotten how to do this.

Something about being in a marina creates a race-against-time mentality, and every idle moment seems like one that is waisted forever. As long as Swift Ranger is tied to a dock rather than free with her sails open to the sun it all feels wrong. In a mere twenty four hours we have repaired a water tank, patched wood, mounted new hardware, re-provisioned our food stores, scoured mold from every darkened corner and launched a new dinghy. Fortunately this frantic pace only lasts for a few days before we "get our groove back" as we like to say.

Unrelatedly, we bought a loaf of cinnamon raison bread today from a company called "Grandpa's Oven"...we couldn't believe it wasn't called Grandma's Oven. When is Grandpa ever in the kitchen? And this brand available exclusively in the South!

Anyway, we plan on having every project completed and Swift Ranger ready to set sail by this Friday. The highlight of today was the arrival of our new dinghy and oil lamp. The dinghy is, by far, too classy for us. She's unsinkable, with sleek lines and wooden trim. We made a point to document our first moments together in a terribly boring video that I attached below. The oil lamp is beautiful and transports us to an arcane world of dangerous wonder. If only we could find a place that supplies kerosene! Asking for kerosene while shopping today made me feel like a character in Oregon Trail. I am out of oil for my lamp and my sister has a snake bite!

The plan--this always ends up being the plan--is to head for Annapolis, homeland of our patron saint John Rousmaniere. More importantly, Kevin and Jan (from Pearl of Eastport) will be there for the next two weeks and we can't wait to see their smiling faces as we row up to them in this little number:


  1. That's sick you guys are back on the water! Your blog reminds me of growing up off Hilton Head Island, SC with my Dad and his Person 26. Can't wait til you guys come back around Oxford town!

  2. Meissa C LambertonApril 14, 2011 at 11:53 AM

    Be careful out there kids! I'm totally envious of your adventures. Maybe we can make my next breakfast/mimosa visit on the water?!?!

  3. You accomplished a lot of work in just 24 hours. I bet cleaning the tank took the longest. Hehe. I tried cleaning one, and it took me quite some time to finish since I am very meticulous when it comes to my work.

  4. amazing experiences!!!you've done a great work:-)